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Thursday, 7 July 2011

All of noise to noise.

Some people know I hate Sonic the Hedgehog.
Some people know I get annoyed by the Cadbury Bunny.
But everyone knows that I hate classroom noise.

Yes, always on Period 4 on a Wednesday, there is a constant amount of noise from terrible none-working people, they only watch on YouTube and make noise, while I am trying to think about the storyline of my film.

Yes, I tried to think of the story for my film on that day, but there was so much noise on that day (especially from the worst) that I simply left the lesson and went to the achievement centre of the school to draw some strips to recover from it all, but as I am making a film adaptation of Rombes from my cartoon strip that I drew, it was technically alright to do it, for not only can I keep a mindset on him, I also developed him a bit so that he is a sharper character for my film.

But it is nearly awful at Period 4 on a Wednesday, and those people better get some sense soon or they'll be kicked out.

May the Hype stand down.

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