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Tuesday, 12 July 2011

What is the best basis for the animation?

If there had been information earlier, then you should know that I will animate my film similar to the earlier Metrazort film, only it's going to be paper cutouts as how we think South Park is.

But did you know that I will be more precise and have more human movements despite a 1/4 body perspective? that means that my film will be quite comparable to other subjects, especially two which have been crafted by the BBC.

First is Mr Benn, it's a 1970 show about a guy who goes in a costume shop, puts a costume on and enters a magical world depending on what the costume he is wearing (e.g. if he dresses up as a prison convict then he will be magic have an adventure in prison).
The animation is more limited then you can think, but it's close to what I intent due to the individual joints of the characters and the music involved.

Next is a very obscure one called "Rosie and Ruff in Puppydog tales" a show developed in 1992 (and perhaps the last of an innocent era before Sonic corrupted everything) that is all about dogs that walk on two legs.
That is true believe it or not, and it is simply about a black dog called Rosie teaching how to do things better in society so that Ruff can do things properly (the perfect opposite of Sonic I must say).
And as a result, my own film will be about animals on two feet and also being about how I can prove to make a film better than the hype that's going on today in this modern day of animation.

May the Hype stand down.

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