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Monday, 10 October 2011

Apologies + Information notes.

Dear Examiners reading this

On this day I was suppose to hand in the film, but due to complications in preparation and several setbacks, the movie is going to be handed in at a date before or during 31/10/2011, I apologies for any inconvenience.
But at least I promise the delay won't be as bad as the Metrazort film.

But anyway, a note that I should give out is that my film will function more as a Television episode that introduces some of the key characters and concepts, and will not be surreal or silent or chiche' like a normal short film it.

Also despite having a minor clip of the narrator, everything else it going to be animated in a mixture of South Park animation (due to being created with paper) and Postman pat animation (due to the mouth and the movement), I hope this has informed you perfectly as to what I intent.

Putty for extra security, and to help produce scenes quicker.

Also one final not is that I will dub the style I will be using "Supershortcutation" (after what Gerry Anderson calls his projects), this is due that the character's joints are secures with putty while animating, and taking advantage of that security some scenes will have the character being pulled by string and not animated to save time, hence the "SuperSHORTCUTation" title.

May the hype stand down.

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