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Friday, 21 October 2011


The first thing noted on this post is "where is the script?"
Well the answer is the fact that I work in a different way, and I cannot technically have two sources to guide me through my film (and the fact that no-one else is working on my film with me) so to save time and effort so that I can carry on with more things to do with media (and the other WBS subjects) I have merged the Storyboards and Script into one, so that I have one source material to guide myself on what I'm doing and not the muddle up of two.

But despite this, there have been a few changes due to limitations and the need to extend or decrease things a little, so I will list all of the changes as well.

The overall big change is the fact that Rombes has got battle armour with blades like Zoltan, and not the ninja stars seen on the storyboards.
Originally, I was instructed to make the character "family friendly" so instead of the blades seen normally in the strip I used ninja stars to accomplish this, and I gave the blades to Zoltan instead of his cannon to be meaner, but the ninja stars was rejected and unlikable so I switched back to the blades (but Rombes still won't use them in the film like the vicious Zoltan would).

And due to the effects on pinnacle it may not be possible for the characters eyes to light up.

Page 15: Originally Zoltan would crash by where the desk is and it would cut to Rombes saying "there will be no throat slashing today Zoltan" but it has been changed into Zoltan flying away BEHIND the desk and Rombes landing on his feet, also the line will be changed to "I will not stand for the injustice of your master plan Zoltan" to be sure that the audiences get that Rombes is good and Zoltan is evil.

Page 16:Would have been Rombes flying completely out of the window, but due to insufficient photos to do so I made him fly out of the window by the same photograph he came and entered to the bank (hence why he will fly from the window to the left of the screen).

Page 22:The other half of Rombes' torso would have kicked Zoltan's @@@@@, but it was deemed not funny, so I changed it to a electrical shock from the tail (and thus giving the tail a better purpose anyway).

Page 29:Would have seen Zoltan all grizzled and grey from the blast, but the paper cutouts from such have been forgotten, but will still act in a daze

Page 30:Instead of a simple sequence of Zoltan getting away and afterwards Rombes realises, Rombes will realise while Zoltan is teleporting away and would try to stop him to add more heroism and less stupidity to Rombes.

Page 32: A more encouraging speech will replace the one seen from Rombes to persuade the audience that he will win in the end, and the narrator joke at the very last panel will be omitted.

May the Hype stand down.

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