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Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Target Audience

This was in my opinion the most difficult and most complex post to create, but I hope that it can be appealed for the work I did to make this.

As the name implies, Target Audience means the audience the film appeals to meaning that that particular kind of people will be attracted to watching the film, it is of importance to appeal to someone or it may turn into a film only specific to the character and without any appeal to anything else (like the infamous Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Comics), so I though of all the possibilities with my character and film, and here it goes.

Dull background, unappealing characters and designs and plus a close reference to the Nazi gassing Chambers (as implied in the dialogue, how can that appeal to a further target audience aside from Sonic's own?
 The age group I decide to appeal to are 8-15 year old, now the reason why I decided this is due to the graphic nature that pops up every now-and-then in my story, which involves blood and general violence, I would have made it more appealing like the Looney Tunes by making the fights funnier and not bloody, but in this case it is like the Mega Man television series due to it's violence and pacing (especially when the characters shoot) and due to the fact that my characters are entirely different in comparison to storyline and humour.

Mega man, considered one of the best
Video-game television series in characterisation
and being the first to look "anime", which was
 unique at the time that got people's attention. 

The Looney tunes, classical comedy and characters to associate and appeal to and thus is a role model for animators to actually watch and get inspired by.


The gender targeted for the film is 85% males and 15% females, this is due to a lot of action and violence seen in the film and a notable lack of female characters, this could be apologised for to the public should it prove controversial, but it has to be accepted that it was rare for cartoons at the time to have active female characters, and those that have make them wimpy or make them for damsel in distress, and plus even without female characters, females can still approve of the film due to it's style and "cute looking characters" (in mu opinion as to how they say it) while the men would approve of it due to it's storyline and violence (a commonplace for cartoons like Mega Man).

Dr Abraham Manslow
According to the study of Dr. Abraham Maslow, it can be identified that there can be seven different types of people in the world, but let's examine all the types of people that will apply to my film: and first of all there is The Explorer, because as people want to have something new and looking for this cartoon, they finally will get it and watch it, plus it explores the general idea of making a Tiger and a Fox correctly more humanoid and based around Felix the Cat in terms of face, and finally that they will respond to new sensations, indulgence and instant effects which do work for this film, but The Explorer is generally for the audience side of things while is is just almost every-day for the super animals, plus there is no nee sensation indulgence explored by Rombes during the film (although there can be an instant effect).
The Aspirer is a bit more associate with the gears that drive this film due to the fact that Rombes is driven by the perception that Zoltan is evil and the fact that he must defeat him, and that Zoltan is driven by Rombes' perception of good that makes him willing to destroy him, (also the looks of the characters can make the audience associate as to what they are like Rombes looking innocent and Zoltan's front teeth sticking out) and the two make fighting moves that they dodge or get effected by which thus could add more the aspiring audience to watch this film (also status is included due to the status that Rombes is good and Zoltan is evil).
The Succeder is a good thing to talk about as the factor of Rombes's self confidence and goal orientation to survive and defeat evil is appealing to those sorts of people due to the fact that he did those things and succeeded in the end when he put his nemesis Zoltan in prison, also Rombes is a responsible character and role-model to look up to unlike Sonic the Hedgehog (who caused the deterioration of one of his supporting characters into becoming evil and no guilt in being responsible for that matter) and has got a caring side to him and relaxes a bit every now and them (at the right moments of course so it is a placement and appeal for those sort of people).
The Mainstream is a predictable entry due to the fact that due to the fact that Rombes needing to go to the bank for a new credit card is technically a everyday and domestic thing and security of his Clarence Clan and himself is of importance, and plus watching a cartoon or film is a every-day thing for the audience (almost) so it is of no surprise that they would bump into this film and watch it out of curiosity (and the film is family targeted too due to the structure and plot of the film).

The location the film is set in is Windsor due to the fact that it is my home town and people can associate with that location for the increase of tourism and to give a general oovation, so the audience demographics are strictly for the British and not for the Americans due to the fact that this is a British location recognisable only to British eyes and not the Americans (they would only like to see a stereotpe on Britain I bet, and I'm not that sure that America has a Barclays like Britain has). 
A set of houses in Windsor to persuade audiences that the location is Windsor
(as told by the housing and building style and recognition of the location).
The photographic backgrounds taken for the film come mainly from "The Village" from the Windsor Great Park", so people living in this area would have a particular interest (and perhaps the people of the village can have a interest to the film and could bring in more tourists to their  if I put my film in cinema circulation, similar to that lake district house from Withnail and I), but aside from whick locations are best to view the film, I would say that it has a wide range of demographics from the rich to the poor due to the fact that neither are fully represented in the film which makes anyone want to watch it without cringing (the movie Adulthood is set in the slums and stereotypes the people there at the same time, so it will attract the audience of the slums)

The Village, a perfect place to work to take Photographs, and make a audience that will be appealing to the locals.

Judge Dredd, may be serious but is good
for a few laughs every now and them as
it is a British series.

The genre of the film I warn the audience is Action-Comedy, this is due to the fact that there is sometimes comedy at some places and there are some violent action sequences at the same time (alas like the modern Teen Titans cartoon which I will no use it's style) , also this is another reason why America won't identify with this due to the fact that it would just be seen as a typical British film with British humour, (a bit like the Judge Dredd comic books by 2000 A.D.) so the genre could be for anyone, but dwindles a bit in America (ironically where most of the inspiration material come from in the first place).

Loonatics unleashed, a shameful contribution
to the Looney tunes and yet provided the
inspuration to give the characters superpowers
and to make them heroes, sorry about that.

 The concept of humanoid animals, as well as humanoid animals with super powers is not a unique concept (like the famous Mighty Mouse or the Infamous Loonatics Unleashed), nor is the interaction with human beings that unique too (observe the original Donald Duck television shorts), but the media animals or super powered animals are always camp, humorous or taken too seriously.  What I have got here is a film that is taken with a bit more accuracy to real life due to the characters actually expressing emotion or their opinion of the situation and have a bit of humour every now and then (like a extra violent version of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles), the use of blood, and the fact that a Tiger or a Fox has never been seen similar to cartoon characters like Felix the Cat before, so it is unique visually too.

The tone of the film is not extremely dark, it is just a action movie that is a silly pleasure to watch ( when drawing the strip I try to make some elements dark and yet it always comes out silly so I am waery of what the audiences will say), but to support the dark claim, Rombes's chest and later Torso will be sliced by Zoltan, but everything else is almost funny or appealing like Judge Dredd or Felix The Cat overall.

But there will be suspense that audiences could stare at due to the protagonist's (Rombes') torso being sliced off at one point and a point where the antagonist (Zoltan) will almost win near the end of the film (makes it bloody and almost like South Park, but in a more toned down way for anyone to keep on watching it).
And there will be the question asked as to what the "Master plan" is before it is revealed by Zoltan after a few moments, thus adding more suspense and curiosity to the audience (like the Sherlock Homes novels that there is a mystery to be solved and the action on screen is suspenseful for audiences to wonder what the master plan could be).

Optimus Prime, voiced by Peter
Cullen and is a good role model
as a action hero and leader,
 thus making him likable.

The likability of the protagonist (Rombes) could be good due to the fact that he does not use his armour blades while fighting Zoltan and the fact that his fight moves are only to stun and defend (and his actions or dialogue are not hype or a ill thing to see or hear just like what Sonic the Hedgehog does).  Also the film starts off with him going to the bank for a new credit card which is a simple innocent thing meaning that he is more human in behaviour than the Superheroes due to doing something that civilians do and having a positive attitude about it (the modern Superheroes from DC comics debate or have so many tragic happenings that they are all the same guy/woman in a different costume), and also the design is likable (and is human sized which is unusual to most cartoon characters) and is easy for people to draw him (especially is they want to draw the face), and he will be voiced in a Optimus Prime/Normal style like voice that I can roughly make out without any teenage style slang so that people can still like him for being more adult and more responsible, so  overall I think that I have got a likable protagonist towards audiences who needs one.
The Yin and Yang symbol, close to
what represents Rombes (Yin) and
Zoltan (Yang), which audiences who
recognise the symool could watch
the film to see it in action.

Any Subject matter that would attract more audience would be the fight between good and evil due to the good Rombes and the evil Zoltan, the Yin and Yang taking place due to the differences between Rombes and Zoltan and their actions towards each other, and spirituality due to the animals that they are are being portrayed in several different places and religions with a bit of unintended accuracy to how they are seen (like Zoltan the cunning fox in most countries and Rombes the king of the animals according to China), meaning that I could easily attract audience with this kind of value.

 Any extra elements would be the music that audiences could be attracted by due to it's sharp tone and adding suspense to the scene where it takes place, it is only simple piano music instead of the orchestral track of the G1 Transformers cartoon which could make people wonder "why is there only one instrument?" but it makes up for the fact that it does what it is suppose to do and helping the audience get attracted and watch the film further, also the extra element would be the myths that associate with the animals used in the film, which  is seen that the Tiger is the king of the animals in China (Wang) which is fitting for Rombes due to him being the leader of the Clarence Clan, and Zoltan being the cunning fox that he is due to his sneaky unpredictable actions within the film so the people who associate themselves to those myths can love the film)

Rodimus Prime V.s. Galvatron
(From the original Marvel
Transformers Comic) a good
example of Good V.s. Evil, which the
audience could Identify with in my own

Special interests that would keep the audiences interested with the film would be the fight between Rombes and Zoltan at the second-half of the film due to the fact that it really a fight against good and evil due to their actions towards each other (this is relevant to most other cartoons, like Rodimus Prime v.s, Galvatron in the Transformers, The fight between Simba and Scar in The Lion King, and ETC) and their dialogue which adds suspense to their hatred towards each other, and that Rombes began his day normally when it is got ruined by Zoltan's intent to create the master plan of slaughtering his Clarence Clan (which is being built up for audiences to wonder till Zoltan arrogantly spurted it out near the end) this is a normal feature found in other television episodes or movies (Mega Man and the Alex Rider novels) to find that the villain has got a master plan which is normal which could mean that people can easily associate themselves with the film.

Rombes the Tiger, on the flight to save the day similar
to the source material and the superheroes of the Golden
Age of Comic Books, so people will consider him a classic.

The Source material is based on the black-and-white cartoon trips I personally draw myself (which in turn use to be based on Calvin and Hobbes but got it's on development and story in time), and despite the use of colour (Due to fear that the test audience could not accept black and white), actual backgrounds ( the backgrounds in my strip are blank but informed as to where the characters are )and Zoltan using armour similar to Rombes' own (originally he had a stability cannon), the 2-D and story telling style of the cartoon strips is still maintained, but overall the film is not based on real life or a real life event (would you really expect a human to fly?) and is just a cartoon based on most of the other cartoons I see (mostly the Transformers and the Looney Tunes and Disney cartoons), so the audience can fear for no allusion there, just that they are watching something they feel as original and a better sight to look at than 3-D.

As for what the characters are based on, Rombes is based on Hobbes from Calvin and Hobbes from the early years of the Strip, but has developed a unique personality and becoming a noble superhero over time (but still maintains Hobbes' nobility), which gives the idea that the character may be philosophical and humorous at the same time, plus he is developed as the opposite of Sonic the Hedgehog in terms of personality and style due to not willing to make the same mistakes Sonic the Hedgehog did (and don't worry about the mouths, it will stay on one place).
Zoltan is developed from The Master from Doctor Who, but has became more closer to Megatron from the original Transformers  cartoon and as a shocker Zoltan in Hungarian name terms means "Life" , which makes a character audiences fear and understand (his will not be adressed in the film and Zoltan will not have a Hungarian accent).
Finally believe it or not, but The Banker is based from Han Solo's animated appearance from The Star Wars Holiday Special due to the seemingly dull acting and performance (which I simply do by just making a monotone without any effort at all), which the audience can associate with a stereotypical banker.

So in conclusion, I have got a lot up my sleeve to provide that my film has got a wide range of audience and with many and merry hopes that they can all love and appeal of this film, as much as you would do.

May the Hype stand down.

And take a break for your eyes, if you still have them.

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