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Sunday, 3 July 2011

Sad news + A better idea for my upcomming film.

Well, the idea for a Rombes animated film may have sounded great, but this is the truth on why I did so in the first place.

I did it because of my hatred of Sonic the Hedgehog, not only did he scare me as a child, he also destroyed what could have been a new Golden age of animation (started in 1988) and caused the ruination of great classical characters and fiction (does he even look like a hedgehog anyway? he is this dyed blue creature that is the symbol of envy and greed).

So then I looked at another character, Salem, he is a warlock who was sentenced to be a cat for a unknown time, and the character was quite good UNTIL it was revealed he LIKED sonic the hedgehog as he collected all the comics from a series that will blind your eyes.

Sorry Rombes, but cancelling the film is for the better.
(the picture is not the animation technique to be used)

And that got me mad, really mad, so I took the idea of an animation of Rombes v.s. Zoltan, but then I took a deep analysis of my idea, and found that making them speak is too complicated and makes the film longer, and it would be too complicated to animate the mouths and the movements at the came time, it may sound lazy but it's better than having a film criticised for being boring and having chunky animation.

So it is better not to work on it, for I have developed a new fresher idea that I feel better working with in my heart, it will still have Rombes, but he will not have the main role as he may have a cameo or a "the end" appearance.
Myself in this room thinking of a new better idea.

The film will be about a female black cat called Reuben, a sword wielder that goes into a Dragon's cave to find a gemstone for her master's (technically the king's) birthday.

It is better to work on REUBEN because the character is mute apart from a few grunts and humorous screams, and the fact that not only am I presenting a better idea than Sonic, but also a better female character that is not too serious (the modern day Wonder Woman) and not too feminist (princess Zelda)).

So for a teacher reading this blog message, I need another "short film idea" sheet for describing all of this, hope you won't mind but my mind is getting clear to a more comfortable idea.

Just a nice picture that represents the upcoming tone of
my short film.

May the Hype stand down.

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