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Monday, 26 September 2011

3 film Analysis 2.Le' Cafe.

This film may not be as famous as “fallen art” due to not being featured on wikipedia, but here is “le’ café”, a film created by Stephanie Marguerite and Emille Tarascow with music by by Oldelaf and Mr D (forgive my French, I could not speak it).

As with all short films, it’s concepts and jokes are all in it’s own universe so it is not possible for conversion to feature length at a cinema, but it is possible to extend the amount of minuets within the film (about 15-30) by keeping with the plot but making it live action and removal of the narrative song and letting the characters actually speak, it can work if guided correctly (and not in a stupid money making way).

Like with fallen art, I found it at the futureshorts channel on youtube as well as it’s real website, however a version with English subtitles exist on the youtube channel kidnex1.

Was officially created in 2007 while the subtitle version was posted in 2009.

On the same day when I showed fallen art to my mother (a sufficient test person) I showed le’ Café to her and mentions the fact that the man is ruining his own life with his addiction and double murders until his own grotesque fate in the end, my opinion is the dangers of being a caffeine addict that makes you drink more and more till the consequences.

Like fallen art, the source of the budget is unknown, but due to what appears to be the use of flash it appears to be less expensive.

For those that speak French and for those opting to watch the subtitles, the target audience range is 14-20 due to it’s scenes of violence, general storyline and a instance of a swear, but for those that are watching the film without the understanding of French the range is 10-20 because it is unsuitable for children due to the complexity on what is happening, so it is perfectly suitable for that range due to the understanding of the language,  In terms of genre, the film is a comedy due to the scenes that suggest humour.

The genre of the film is light humour but violence due to the innocent nature of the storyline and yet also moments of adult violence and a swear, also is a bit of horror due to what happens to the main character in the end (becoming over bloated then (bursting or turning into coffee)).

The storyline is that with every drinking of a cup of coffee, it lead the man to a serious addiction that leads to him killing two innocent people and locking himself in his own room and still drinking coffee for a long time (must be a big supply in that room?) until he becomes over bloated and burst (or dissolves into coffee matter).

The resolution in the end is what happens if you become over addicted to something= you destroy your own life and yourself in the end.

Film language
The film language is of course French, but despite not being able to follow the language I am able to get the plot of the film by it’s images and movements (just like what happens when I read a Dutch comic book), and I am able to understand what the man is getting through due to the tone of the voice being calm at the beginning to being grizzly and strained at the end.

It has got the representation of the process of addiction that first those people give him so many cups that he decided to have so many cups himself that it leads him to murder people due top his addiction, kick his own son off to process with his addiction and then trapping himself in his own room to avoid the police and carry on with his addition until his fate, so it shows that the film presents it’s message by the passage of time and showing the progression of the helpless character.

The camera shots are mostly full shots or medium shots for the audience to maintain attention to the character and see his every movement as time goes with his addiction.
The Sound is only music, but there is no lip-syncing over the lyrics and tunes therefore it is non-diagetic (however there are moments where the characters speak out a part of the song to relate to the story), but it does however match with the actions-on screen to keep the viewers attention.
The Mise-en-scene is present dar France as evidented by the clothing of the people and the locations seen in the film that stereotype france (and to cheat I also saw the map of the film which showed the location the person is going to).
The editing maintains its 180 degree rule due to the flatness of flash, and there are camera cuts and a few long takes to maintain interest.

The encoded message is addiction, as well as the dangers of over drinking coffee (in scientific fact drinking 8 cups of coffee a day means a addiction and a over beating heart per second until you easily get a heart attack).

People love something to a addiction of it (like coffee like in the film or drugs), so the film challenges it’s status quo due to either offending the people that have got an addiction or making them feel frightened of their addiction after watching the film.

In conclusion the film is a fun film to watch that it shows the development of the character becoming addicted to coffee and leading to ruining his own life with his addiction until the consequences of the addiction in the end, but the film is also an educational film due to teaching us of addiction and what leads up to one, and a warning message to those who are addicted that “this is what you get if are too addicted to something”, but overall it’s light and fun.

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