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Monday, 26 September 2011

3 film Analysis 1.Fallen art.

The short film on analysis is a macabre film called “Fallen Art” (originally called “Sztuka spadania”), directed and written by Tomasz Baginski.

If I would try to associate it with a genre of a feature film, then the answer is no, because it is a showcase of the macabre side of the military and is only there to showcase the joke, so no suitable genre there (if you tried, then you may end up with similar results to the Tom and Jerry movie).

I first found the short at you tube via the channel futureshorts, however it does have it’s own website so I suspect you can find the film there too, and I found it’s reviews at IMDB (with a score of 7.9/10.

While created in 2004, it was awarded the British Academy of Film and Television Arts Award in 2006, quite a good short film I must say.

I showed this film to mum, she was shocked and she told me what she thinks of why it was made, I did not suspect this but it seems that is was created to reflect on the fact that the military use soldiers in a terrible way, not to mention create a waste of them, and not to mention reflecting on the macabre side of the army.

As for how it was funded, there is limited information to tell so.


For the range, it is best recommended for the older 12-24 range, due to the fact that the film involves killing and a reckless use of soldiers (being killed for a man’s hobby), and is no recommended for anyone in the military due to the offence this film may produce.


The genre of the film is dark humour due to the overall joke of the film, macabre because of its content, humour due to the joke again and partly action due to the scene of the soldier falling and the nature of the joke overall.

The storyline is a fat military leader using the photographs of dead soldiers that have fallen from the sky to create a musical stop motion film he dances to.

Linear may mean the ability to create a shape in your mind, and I think it works for this case due to shaping like a circle, because the madness of that person’s hobby seems to carry on and on with more and more dead soldiers.

The equilibrium of the film is equal for terms of its dark settings ands storyline, as well as the full ability to follow what is happening when the general joke occurs.

As for the resolution, well as for the ending of the film, it suggests that it is a never-ending progress of what is happening, it just would seem to keep on happening until the soldiers would logically run out.

Film language
If you are familiar with the Adults from Peanuts, then you should know that all the characters speak in grunts or pretend words (blah blah blah), this clearly indicates to the audience that they are talking, for the film is depended on what the characters do visually.

Another example of the visual dependence of the film is the fact that when being introduced to the guy that’s doing the dark hobby, we first cut to a picture of his youth then the camera moves to the left and we see a bit more about his past and even the clarinet that he was playing in the pictures and finally to him and the rest we see what he really does, this shows that he loves music from the very start and continues it in a dark way when older.

An interesting contribution to the language is within the camera work itself, as there are wide shots, medium shots and close-ups, all shots are there for the viewer to explore the character and their personalities and what makes them the character we see.
The sound mainly heard in the film is an atmos-effect with the wind blowing to reflect on the darkness of the situation and the music to reflect on how sadistic this “operation” is, all sounds are diegetic to maintain the reality and the message behind the film.
The Editing seems to be at the 180 degree rule with temporal ellipsis to maintain reality and to keep the place realistic for the viewers to view.
Mise-en-Scene is a military location, with an era seemingly to be from WW2 due to the nature of the costumes and devices used, and no pop-culture is used, just that location and costumes to keep the message going.

Representation and ideology
It has got a representation for the insanity behind the hobby of the individual due to what he is doing to all the soldiers; just for that hobby, and it represents the macabre and dark side of the military due to using all these soldiers for one single objective (compare it to the real life situation, and you’ll find it’s true).

The encoded message is the way the soldiers are used in the military as well as the insanity of the commanders, it’s true value lies behind the joke and message this short is playing on.

The film challenges the quo of the military as well as the people with hobbies due to the partial of them being dark and insane which would technically offend them if watching the film, so the writer must be very brave to understand that fact but carry on with it.

Overall, it may sound like what I pointed out again, but it is a short film that reflects on the dark and macabre side of the army as they waste the soldier’s lived for a particular objective, and it technically is a short film that you have to keep on watching and remembering key scenes until you get the overall joke of the film.

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