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Friday, 21 October 2011

Film Review part 2/3:Drafting the ideas

On the second part to create a film review/film review format, I made a draft before making it on Photoshop, so that I get the general idea on what I best need for the overall task.

The Draft itself, note the information and pictures stuck on to get an idea as to where the pictures and information I made earlier is suppose to go for better arrangement, in order first is the huge picture, then the huge title, then the director/cast/release dates, then plot summary, then groundwork, then story/fantasy elements, then the final verdict of the film and the star rating system (which is five stars).

With the information and pictures folded, you may note the observation of the design style with thick yellow borders and one huge picture of Falkor the luckdragon at the beginning, meaning that I ultimately got the idea of what a review should look like, but the colours on the review will be very different compared to this colour (hence the result of pink cut-out paper.

The drawing of Falkor I made, obviously to represent the first picture to gain people's attention, equal to the tactic of the large title in bold/large size.
 May the Hype stand down.

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