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Thursday, 20 October 2011

Letters of consent/access/permission.

I found this on the criteria on what is needed for this blog, and decided to do something about it.

The big news is the fact that I needed none of these, this is due to the fact that I was taking pictures at a none-crowded Village at the Windsor Great Park and didn't have to ask the "authority" to clear the people away while I photographed the buildings (hence why I did the village instead of Windsor).

And as for the private places of The Village, well the places where it is visible to see the private places there are no "do not photograph" signs around, so I photographed the places with that fact and without needing to go further beyond the PRIVATE signs (I only really needed photos buildings anyway).

In other words, everthing almost seems free, but I almost needed a Letters of consent/access/permission., when it came to the shop interior, now originally I wanted to use a photo background for the bank interior, and planned to use the shop interior for it, but unfortunately due to "orders of The Crown" permission was absolutely not allowed at all, even with a Letters of consent/access/permission.

So I tried the inerior of the fairly recent Coop shop at Arthur Road, Windsor, but despite my polite words I have been asked by the shop staff to "telephone the manager in order to do it", so I went off.

I then realised (thanks to my father) that it is not allowed to take photos of Shop interiors due to fears of plagerism or robbery, so I gave that operation up, and decided not to use the exterior of the real Windsor Barkleys bank due to what was said and understood.

So did I decisde to make Letters of consent/access/permission for what I wanted?

Stuff and nonsense, I decided to make my own powerpoint exterior and interior of the bank via powerpoint (as observed in the slideshare presentation below) with make-up signs to stick onto a building for the exterior and autoshapes and a 3D effect for the interior, so that there can be no trouble at all with Letters of consent/access/permission, because I dislike delays or these long political processess.

May the Hype stand down.

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