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Monday, 31 October 2011

The Missing Ending

Anyone would have thought that I would have completed the story board (and overall concept of the film) that would act as a guide to help me direct my film, but while making the film, despite a few minor changes I have realised that there was one major fault and that was the ENDING.

Yes the Ending itself, and if you looked though the Slideshare presentation then the ending should have been that Zoltan (The Black Fox) would have came out of the explosion dazed, then a slight joke from Rombes, but then it comes back to the "Master Plan" where Zoltan teleports away and Rombes flying off with determination to find Zoltan and crush his master plan (to make the audience curious).

But on first sight the production manager is concerned with the ending, so persuades me to add a ending narration (or speech by Rombes)to persuade the audience that Rombes will win in the end, and a extended part for Rombes to try to stop Zoltan before he teleports away but fails.

But there are allot of problems in the production, a model for a Burned-Up Zoltan has accidentally been forgotten, too many errors were made while making that sequence and there can be a few limitations with Pinnacle so it is not easy to make Zoltan teleport away (and I forgot a shot to allow a transition effect to take place).

Apparently I was getting nutty while finishing off that sequence, but the overall problem that made me realise that there is something wrong is the length: the movie is meant to be 6 minutes and 30 seconds and the ending is too long and cannot be shortened and the film needs room for the credits and logo.

So if you viewed the video, the solution taken in the end was to change the ending (shown from that tip of the storyboard to the official modification), because not only was the production of the original ending faulty, but also to get a more positive ending, a shorter ending and more positive reaction from the production manager and the audience in general, it may be the usual sort of ending, but it is worth it.

The new ending itself is recycled footage from the middle of the film heavily modified with a title effect from pinnacle (note the colour of Zoltan's cell similar to the bank) and Rombes flying off is from the original ending itself, but all two factors received new audio.

Before calling off, two still clips of the original ending will be present in the credits at the end of the film.

May the Hype stand down.

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