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Monday, 14 November 2011

Apologies + Real duration + Real deadline

Within this post, I like to apologise to the fact that there has hardly been a proper blog post during this time, I was planning to release the Target audience post but I accidentally deleted it which means that I will have a extra workload to re-construct it and post everything else on this blog.

But anyway, I have just been informed that the total duration of the movie is not 6:30 as originally said but instead 5:00, I think that the 6:30 was meant to be for the drafty while the 5:00 was for the final print, but my film was depended on the duration of 6:30 which could mean that the 5:00 version could be squashed a bit, but In exchange this gives me the opportunity to refresh the acting and the music to better standards, and to correct things that was incorrect with the draft version.

Also I have been informed that the final deadline of the overall media project from this blog to the Rombes film itself has to be on Monday 21 November 2011 and without any flexibility to hand it in at a later date, but I will make the final post on Sunday 20 November 2011 that complement what I thought of everything of this media project.

May the Hype stand down.

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