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Thursday, 10 November 2011

Metrazort-The First Film For Media-Part 2

Examiners of the past may have been disappointed of the fact that the original full Metrazort film has not been uploaded (in fact, only 1/2 has), so here it is, thanks to embedded codes and a new YouTube account, I give you the media film that really got a going, this is the Metrazort film.

As much of a celebration as it sounds, the full reason why I uploaded the film onto the blog in the first place is to compare this film and it's production values to the new Rombes film.

The actors in the Metrazort film are great with their roles I must say, but the actors for the characters have been replaced due to the fact that the actors intended for the film could not make it one way or the other, and the actor of the Metrazort film is myself with a electronically disjointed voice.
But in the Rombes film, I am the only actor playing the voices, but different voices to differentiate the characters and thus the acting I intended could be accomplished in that film, plus as being the only actor and doing everything at once it is guranteed that production may commence without any problem whatsoever.

The animation in the Metrazort film and the Rombes film are relatively similar, due to the principle of animating with stop-motion something in front of different large pictures, but it is generally different from one another, due to the fact that the Metrazort film uses a full 3D figure with full articulation (with only the legs to be chopped off when shot close-up for stability) that is animated vertically in front of a photo held up by Lego pillars, while the Rombes film uses 2D characters with only the appropriate articulation on-screen (with body parts changed or replaced to express emotion or a different character view) that is animated horizontally on a photo on a table.

The editing of the Metrazort film I admit is choppy and slowish, and with different voices per takes (and without any dubbing) the voices appear to be disjointed, also there are some instances of a fade to black, thus making it a short film rather than a proper film opening like it should, but for the Rombes film, it generally works as a short film is suppose to work as there are a lack of "fade to black scenes" (except for one point, but it is more sufficient than the Metrazort film) and due to the dubbing and not the use of real actors the voices are less disjointed and thus has got a better flow while fast-pace editing is going on.

While making the Metrazort film I was quite concerned about using sound effects from other sources (so as not to infringe copyright) thus resulting in depending on diagetic noises, some piano noises I personally made and two sound clips from pinnacle (when the soldier if firing and when the Metrazort shoots it's laser) thus resulting in some blank moments and just some piano music to express the tone, while in the Rombes film the amount of piano music has increased which adds a lot more to the background and adds more interest, plus due to the diagetic part being impossible due to animation I added sound effects from pinnacle to add to the realism and action that is going on, thus having a film that has more sound to listen to other than the voices and raising your interest at the same time.

Finally as for audience, the original Metrazort film has got the gender split of 65% males to 35% females due to the interest of males for the army, action and the Metrazort itself while the females would be fascinated with the female Sergeant as well as the attraction of the film and would still be to the liking to to "boys in uniform" or "very strong characters", and the demographics are B (meaning a attraction to teachers and graphic designers that will be fascinated my my film) and D (due to the use of the military, the special effects and animation used and something to entertain that audience group).
 In the meantime the Rombes film  has got the gender split of 85% males to 55% females due to the rate of action that is going on with instances of blood and general violence in which only boys are interested in, but I admit that a few girls may be interested to due to the design of the character Rombes and being a general good thing to watch if they are willing to do so, but the demographics are similar to the Metrazort film presumably due to a near-similar film style, meaning that the general demographics are B (meaning a attraction to teachers and graphic designers that will be fascinated my my film) and D (due to the type of storyline, special effects and animation used and something to entertain that audience group), but it is also open to demographic E (due to the general low-budget to product this film and being entertaining for a time of unemployment (especially when it comes to killing off The Banker) and is quite likable to students who are doing media themselves) so the Rombes film is has got more audience range than the original Metrazort film.

So in conclusion, I may still be not ashamed of my previous Metrazort film, but as observed there there was a lot of improvements for the production of my short film due to having a higher production value, better voice acting and being more connected as to what it is suppose to be (a short film), but at least the Metrazort film does get some credit for contributing to the progression of my media studies in demonstrating improvement over time.

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