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Monday, 31 October 2011

Metrazort-The First Film For Media-Part 1

If you look at this blog and compare it with my previous film blog (ROMBES) for marks of improvement, then it should be realised that there is allot of change between the storyboards between the films "Metrazort" and "Rombes", so this post itself will examine these differences.

Now as 6:30 minutes of the Rombes film compared to the 2:30 minutes of the Metrazort film, the amount of storyboard page is doubled to accommodate the extra length of the film for the Rombes film, but the Metrazort film is simpler to follow due to the less amount of storyboards.

What is observed if the storyboards are compared is the fact that the Metrazort Storyboard has got more perspective with angles and different sizes at a camera view, and due to the perspective of the Cartoon strip and how it's made, Rombes is only on one strict angle with different camera shots, but Rombes has got far more detail with the characters and far more colour than the Metrazort storyboards.

Both Storyboards has got information and speeches that are tied together with the action of the storyboard, giving better understanding on what is needed (and hence appearing that the storyboards and the script have merged), but the Metrazort Storyboards has got less information about where goes where and of the camera angles than the Rombes storyboards, meaning that there can be a bit of confusion, and it all depends on guidance from the pictures (which do not help at times due to the narrow school corridor), so I can get off track with that storyboard, while the Rombes storyboards show the opposite which results in better guidance not only with the pictures.

Finally is how the films are faithful to the storyboards, now during the production of the Metrazort film, the storyboard (aka script) has been forgotten on-set so I had to work with mind as to what the characters say and do, while Rombes still keeps the storyboard in place while in production.
The Metrazort film films the shots by order of the scenes with the Metrazort segments added later while Rombes shot the scenes in order of the photographs on a pile.
But overall, The Metrazort film is closer to the storyboard than the Rombes film, this is due to the fact that the Rombes film has some minor changes in the lines and several different actions, and a majorly different ending in the end.

So both may not be the storyboards found in reality, but they are quite useful for the films they provide, no matter the difference.

May the Hype stand down.

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