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Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Initial ideas-the Omitted ones.

Now this type of post may seem out-dated by standards on what updates the blog has presented, but due to the criteria I will try my best to make this post of interesting appeal, but making the first part on ideas that should have been in the film but omitted due to something wrong in the thinking process.

Now I had a lot of thinking of what film to make, either Rombes the Tiger or Reuben the Cat, but then after seeing what damage Sonic the Hedgehog did to the character Salem I decided to use Rombes to make a better comparison to Sonic the Hedgehog, now the film I had in mind was for Rombes the Tiger to actually fight Sonic the Hedgehog due to the two of them being mortal enemies, but there existed copyright which saw this version of the film scrapped, so a new film has been thought out about Rombes fighting his own enemy Zoltan the Fox.

(Reuben the cat would have been set in the medieval times (or the dark ages) and would have been about a female humanoid cat that is a knight, now what she would have done is slay an evil dragon while getting a diamond for the king's birthday, but it is omitted in favor of Rombes)

Now originally for my very first ideas of the movie known to you, It is extremely similar to the movie in mind but originally Zoltan would have captured one of Rombes' Clarence clan by putting that member in suspended animation in a pod forever, then after killing the banker (as per the film made) Zoltan challenges Rombes to a duel that should Rombes win that he gets to keep the pod with the member still trapped inside, or if he loses then Zoltan would press a button to kill the member inside and so they fight and Rombes won (as per the film made) but Zoltan plans to kill the member anyway which Rombes prevents, then Rombes would have eventually freed the Member which is revealed to be Shadow (not named and only seen on the waste on-screen to play on copyright) and the two laugh together after a joke which ends the film there.

This initial idea is omitted due to the time constraints and extra complexity to make thing, also due to not allowing the proper opportunity to introduce the characters and the concepts properly that would have made new-time viewers confused and thus would cost a lot of media points.

So the duel-to-the-death concept has been replaced with "the mater plan" (which still puts the audience in suspense as to what it is) and the big reveal in the end is still apparent although not precisely in at the end of the film, but overall everything else in the film (from the idea that Rombes is going for a new credit card to the fact that the two are fighting) are still relatively intact.

Now in production terms, originally the mouths would have properly emitted the words they say to make the audiences fascinated and to keep on realism of them talking, but the amount of heads to cut out would have been phenomenal work for both me and mum, and I am afraid that I could not animate the talking mouth and movement at the same time (due to fears of the results being jerky), so that idea had to be omitted in exchange for simple emotion faces (and adds more to shortcut animation to by simply wriggling the character).

For the idea of the original ending and to see why it was omitted then go to "The Missing Ending" post so that you can understand how I originally planned to end the film and why it got scrapped.

May the Hype stand down.

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