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Wednesday, 16 November 2011


Alas with every movie there is the cast, (otherwise there can be no film to begin with so no point in comparing it to anything else) and that cast has got to be good and ready for it or be in utter turmoil (like The Next Best Thing for example), but my on film is almost a one-man band in terms of perpetration and filming so it will be difficult to officially answer this in the manner expected, but I will present myself that I can do these things and give reasons as to why I do them if my name wasn't Robert Herkstroter.

Myself (Robert Herkstroter) and my Mother (Elizabeth Herkstroter), not at the film location but is a good modern picture of the both of us.
  My own name is Robert Herkstroter, and what I do to accomplish this film in a single-man achievement is to provide the animation, music and voice acting at the exact same time so that I won't have to face production problems of people not appearing on time or re-casting the characters  similar to the earlier Metrazort film, so I have got a movie firmly in my control and that these problems could not occur (although the production time will be a bit longer).

First I do the storyboards and script at the same time to give myself an idea as to what details I need to make the film as well as what the characters need to say, but there can be some changes to the script/storyboard due to the fact that I could not personally agree with something or a poor test-audience reaction to it, but it is a useful guide to do in order to reference how good it is and what alteration I need to do, I admit that the format of the storyboard given to me are not the real professional ones, but it works as well as the real thing (plus the Storyboards and Script are merged into one due to my working style and no need to use two sources of information at once).

Then I create the characters on Powerpoint autoshapes (to make proper shapes rather than cheap scrubby self-drawings) and then print them out of good quality paper (rather than the printing paper to add to long lasting and strength) and finally cut them all out so that I can animate the parts in my film, I almost got mad while doing it so my mother had to help me cut out the parts so that production could speed up a bit (plus she does a good job herself with cutting them).

Then  I do the voice acting because (According to the recording of the voices come first before the animation (rather than reverse like the original black-and-white Popeye cartoons) so that the animation could be thought of and flow nicely among with the voices, now for the voices of the characters themselves (which I personally did because I don't want actors to delay film production), I did the Narrator of the film in a grizzly manner to imitate Victor Caroli from the G1 Transformers cartoon, Rombes done in a normal upbeat voice to add to more appeal to the character and make him a responsible figure unlike Sonic the Hedgehog, and Zoltan was difficult to think of, but I gave him the dark silent voice like Megatron from the Transformers:Prime series.

Then I do the animation in a manner of a South Park style and not in adobe flash, apart from the fact that using Flash is not of my knowledge, I selected using paper cutouts to add more charm to the movie, and because I know I can do it because I am skilled in doing these sort of things (although this is the first time I used paper cutout animation, this is not the first time I had to animate something like the Metrazort film for example), the process was done with a video camera with a photo on background and animation done in-front for the ease of process and faith to how it's really done, and at moment of tiredness or madness my Mother is always there to help me out or for me to talk to so that I could relax.

Finally the editing is done by myself with Pinnacle Studio 15 Ultimate Collection because I know what I want for my own film and being quite familiar with the program as I worked several times with it before (and have the advantage of merging the voice acting and the on-screen action and also add in more effects that benefit the film more).

But unfortunately, that is pretty much all that I have got to say due to the fact that I do all the work (and a bit from my Mother) to work on this film with no extras, so to make up for the fact that no-one else is working with me to produce my film (similar to the videos of Youtube that do feature people that can do one-man efforts like I can do), but I am an expert with making these sort of things, and I benefited from the challenges that I had to go through to make this film true to what you see.

May the Hype stand down.

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