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Friday, 18 November 2011

The Movie poster-The examination of one to make one

For this task announced by my producers, I have to create my own poster from the film now that I have done a review (but I think that this is more realistic in media terms than the review)and what better poster to pick on than the one from the infamous Cars 2.

What do you get is Pixar attempts to merchandise like Thomas the Tank Engine?
You get the Cars series, with the first movie scoring average to positive (still one of the worst Pixar films) and the second movie scoring average to negative (the worst Pixar film) due to it's thin plot and concentration to merchandise, well I admit that Pixar did not get the nuts and bolts for this one, but at least there exists a poster which I can talk about which will contribute to what my own poster will be, so here we go (no racing pun intended).
1. The first thing is the poster layout itself, now it follows the standards in what movie posters are suppose to be, which is "the creator/director/producer/etc of ----------" which will make the people trust that the movie will be of good quality due to the good job the people did on Toy Story 3 (and yet ironically the end result will make this the worst Pixar film) then followed by the logo of the film (which is too big in my opinion), the background which is a huge (seemingly holographic) globe that implies as to what the movie will be about, the characters that will appear in the film that makes us catch the movie to see them in action and finally the tag line that will draw audiences in, now each section will be examined and compared to what my upcoming media poster will be, and I assure you that the Achilles heel of the poster is the logo itself.

2.On this slide is "from the creators of Toy Story 3", now this is common among famous brands that they announce that the crew from the previous movie is making this one, and if the previous movie is successful then people can have a good faith as to the quality of the film, now I can't do it with my own film poster due to the fact that this is the first film from Starlight productions, so I'll take the alternative as to announcing the person who made this film (similar to how Disney presents itself in the first Toy Story Video commercial or "A Michal Bay film" stamped on the Transformers Dark of The Moon poster) so that problem is solved.

3.Now we come across the official logo of the movie, which takes up almost half of the total poster length which makes it too big, the reason why I cay it is too big is the fact that a movie logo is suppose to be eye-catching and makes you want to watch the movie, but in this case it is so large that none of the details that makes a movie logo work stand out properly which may result in people not having their eyes caught onto the poster which may make people not attached to go and watch the film, now with my own poster I understand some limitations of Photoshop with what letters you can make and what style you can have, and yet I have got the proper idea to make the logo eye catching and stand out for people to watch.

Also what should be mentioned is the fact that there is a huge globe in the background of the logo, which is ironically more eye catching than the logo itself due to it's bright blue colour in contrast to the dark colouring from everything else, and due to it's seemingly holographic nature it gives me a clue as to what the movie will be about (which could be a spy mission), unfortunately for my poster I am re-using a a clip which means that Rombes is just flying in the sky and adding that the sky is not eye catching, but in exchange it makes the character and the letters of the poster stand out which makes people so willing to read it and see and wonder about the character on the poster (Rombes).

4.Our Character lineup across the poster, all likable and willing to stare at you while at the bus stop or at a street (usually what happens with every modern poster to catch the audience like the infamous Twilight series), now the thing is that due to the lineup of five characters we wonder what they are and who they are, which means there are too many characters there, and if you did not watch the first movie or go to the toy store then you are completely knakkered due to the inability to recognise them (I can identify Mater, Lightning Mcqueen and Flyn McMissile but all the other characters I don't know), so use less characters next time or people who never saw the original film may be confused, as for my poster, I will just use the main character of my movie (Rombes) flying high and there is only one character and so people can easily identify with him even though this is the first time anyone would see him if in media terms.

5.Finally is the tag line of the movie "The mission begins in cinemas this summer", which does confirm the fact that it will have something to do with a spy mission among with the holographic globe in the background, also the tag line offers range as to the fact that it's not specifically as to when it will be released, which adds to people's curiosity and the flexibility for the creators of the film to release the finished film at any time of the summer, but ironically no-one knows as to when the film will be released and thus no-one knows when to get the tickets and how to tell it to other people, So I will announce that my film will be released on 21 November 2011 to be fair and specific to the people so that they can get their tickets and wait patiently and watch.

So they you have the Cars 2 poster, it was a great poster to talk about from a film that blew up Pixar's reputation of making good movies all the time (and a poster that helps me make my own poster and remove all the mistakes from what that poster did like the examining the awful Archie Sonic comic), perhaps that this is the kind of movie that is not designed to have a sequel because the first movie concluded it's story and all that the second movie contributes is a toy commercial that rips off James Bond (if I read and look at what the poster implies).

Ma the Hype stand down.

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