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Sunday, 20 November 2011


In the posting of Casting, you may be a bit bored with the fact that I do everything myself, so to make up for it I will give a bit more detail into the characters I have got for my film so that you can get a better understanding of them in a manner of the cast of any movie, and also how they came to be materialised and a fun fact of them while producing this film.

In order of slides and storyline importance:

I.Rombes Tiger (Normal voice): since 2004 Rombes the Tiger has been a great leader of the super-animal group called the Clarence Clan, and despite entering in as a stupid leader from the start he has grew up to become more faithful and a much better thinker than ever before.
He is always a caring sort of person, and would instantly feel guilt should he be responsible for something bad he did, he likes his Clarence Clan and his duty of being the leader, and dislikes any major evil that is taking place and has a hatred of Sonic the Hedgehog due to a past event.

Materialiation:Rombes the tiger was based of Hobbes from the Calvin and Hobbes comic by Bill Watterson, because back in 2004 when the first strips were made I copied them from Calvin and Hobbes in which Rombes is Hobbes, but overtime Calvin an Hobbes was no longer copied and other characters not based from Calvin and Hobbes started appearing, and in 2006 Rombes became the main focus of the strip in which he elvolved into a heroic leader like Optimus prime and yet being a stupid character like Perter Griffin at the same time, but in 2011 his stupidity was removed and became a responsible yet cheeky character similar to Felix the cat and I am personally happy with it.

fun fact: did you know that when it is asked for the character to appeal more to people, Rombes' bladed armour (which is seen in the strip) would have been replaced with ninja stars so that people can like him more and that he won't have to use them (this was based on the video game Mega Man), but the idea was negatively received by Elizabeth Herkstroter (my mum) so the bladed armour that was from the strip returned (although he still does not use it).

II.Zoltan Z (Gritty voice): In 2007, that was the year when any Clarence Clan has first encountered the evil Zoltan the Fox and later on his murderous Z gang in 2008, as being the leader of the Z gang, Zoltan treats his own gang properly and like a family so that he will always have a strong gang ready to destroy and thus have no possibility of having a revolt against him.
Despite his arrogance, he is a respectable person that would try to accomplish things properly, which makes him unusual but mostly dangerous, he like classical music and to torment and torture any good guy he encounters, and dislikes any other villain that does not do the correct things and especially hates the Clarence Clan.

Materialiation:Zoltan the Fox was first sketched out from a Villan from Doctor Who called The Master, but the name Zoltan was discovered from the Young Bond novel BloodFever and was given his own group called the Z gang similar to the Decepticons and Megatron, and thus appeared in 2007 but did not meed Rombes until 2008, and he still continues to be the Main villan of the cartoon strip with his deadlyness yet arrogance.

fun fact:Did you know that Zoltan's original armour was a counterweight on one side and a cannon on the other?, the reason why he was given the bladed armour like Rombes was due to the fact that at that time Rombes's armour was replaced with ninja stars while Zoltan got the bladed armour to make the character evil and mean, and despite the fact that Rombes got his ninja stars omitted, Zoltan still got his bladed armour to add a balance to the characters and not to explain to the audience of different armour types (although in some cases he still uses his blades in a manner of a cannon).

III.Lackofname Banker (Boring voice):Living in a world of his own and weary of his own Job, Lackofname always does what a banker does and has grew within that system, he came from a family of a long line of bankers, and just does his job.
Despite his friendliness no-one can hardly listen to him due to his monotone voice, and he likes carrot juice
and hates bank robberies.

Materialiation:Lackofname came from the animated appearence of Han Solo from The Star Wars Holiday Special due to the poor nature of the character representation and the dull voiceacting, which can be perfectly associated with a normal banker (plus the closed eyes come from Captain Marvel from the Shazam comics to add to more stereotype).

fun fact:Did you know that in the cartoon strip, Rombes or several other character would meet a character called the Tax Tiger for anything related to the bank, but due to the need of a character to be killed off and a human character, Lackofname Banker was created for that role and thus making him a character exclusive to this movie (and really make this his only appearance).

IV.And those two guys, that all I can say, they are just two guys there and their only purpose in this film is to observe Rombes flying by to add more interest to the audience that there are people and that they are as curious as the audience as to what that flying electric triangle is.
So I just call them generics similarly to how I call these sort of people in my own cartoon strip, generics by my own definition anyway means randomly designed characters that bear nothing to contribute to the plot or have no name at all, so they could not be counted as official characters and do not go to the list of characters I made on Microsoft Excel.

Materialiation:Just randomly thought of and put together for people to overve Rombes flying by, that's all I've got to say for those two.

fun fact:If you want a name for these two guys, Just call them George and Ben please.

So there you have the characters and how they came to be altogether, but it is noted that there are no females in the film which could ironically tamper with the target audience, but it does not effect the overall fim whatsoever and also observes characters appealing to anyone at the same time.

May the Hype stand down.

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