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Sunday, 20 November 2011

Location pictures, Maps and Commentary

Despite having a film that is the equivalent of a Stop-motion film, I used real photographic backgrounds for the characters to be animated in front of so that it adds to more realism and the fact that the characters live in a reality that is realistic and yet contains Super-Animals.

The general setting of the film is Windsor, due to myself living there and being the original setting of the cartoon strip this film is based on, as well as a town that is precious in almost everything which makes it a obvious target from evildoers (as seen by myself and the Windsor portrayed in my cartoon strip), but there is more of a story than just the setting of Windsor itself, so here is a bit more extra to it.

Despite having Windsor as a setting, a high percentage of the pictures taken is from The Village, a settlement in the Windsor Great Park for gardeners and other people who work for the Queen, now the reason I did this is is so that I won't feel guilt when taking pictures in Windsor that can interrupt people's private businesses and that it is more manageable than Windsor due to the factor that there is no crowds of people in the Village and adds up to more atmosphere and less errors of size and people standing still.
Slides 1-5 of the slideshare is of the particular and most interesting of locations to present of The Village, 1 is a Workshop/Assebly hall (?) that has no public access but can allow photographers to picture, 2 is the Town hall were events and gatherings take place, 3 is a establishing shot of Windsor to persuade the audience that Windsor is the location of the film, 4 is one of the houses I photographs to add to the backgrounds, this one in particular will be used for the exterior of the bank, 5 is the power generator which Zoltan will (unintentionally) be thrown to by Rombes, which has a good format for it to be photographed and to work in the film.
But slides 6 and 7 does contain pictures of Windsor to persuade people that Windsor is the location of the film, but 6 is a line of houses at Arthur Road as a source of convincing and persuading, and 7 is near my own home, but is intended only for the clear blue sky only.

But if I do tricks and persuasion in the film that the location is Windsor (the establishing shot and the line of houses and labels to imply the location) then people will be persuaded that what takes place is the famous town of Windsor.
From that Slideshare is the general layouts of the locations shot on film to give an idea as to where I have been and the challenges that take place to actually photograph all the pictures, Slide one is of The Village that offers plenty of buildings and a good building format that can make people believe it is Windsor (by a particular sequence of photos), and Slide two is of Arthur road, which was taken at the right timing when no traffic was about so that no errors may occur.

So there you have the locations that the film was shot, and I had no difficulty in getting the pictures I need in order to make this film a reality, and plus the only time there was a problem was getting a shop interior to imitate the bank (which the shopkeeper of The Village and the Manager of the Co-op (Arthur Road) refused so I had to make my own up, but overall, it was done of great ease which is perfect film thinking and making I must personally say.
May the Hype stand down.

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