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Sunday, 20 November 2011

Initial ideas - Question and Answers.

If remembered correctly, then you should remember that I posted a Initial Ideas post that is dedicated to all the ideas that were omitted from production due to it's relevant mis-use or under-use, so here is technically the second part which will answer a few more questions before posting the Draft Film, the Final Film, and the post to say goodbye to this blog.

Plus this post contains no pictures to act in manner of taking a break from imagery, now here are the last questions to be answered on this blog.

1. What will become of the props or equipment used in the film?
All the character parts used to create the models will have their remaining pieces of putty removed and stored in an envelope, The photographic backgrounds (and the bank interior) will equally be stored (although the bank interior is more likely to survive, the camera and the piano will still be used and The Studio will be reclaimed by mum.
Also, the storyboard will be recycled to a adventure in the Rombes cartoon strip so that not only will it be stored conveniently, but also will place the events of the movie in the official continuity of the strips.

2.Why Select this type of animation?
Because I like to try something new which I never done before, and the fact that I am already familiar with stop-motion so I know I can do it, plus this type of South-Park style animation has got a charm to it that makes the characters stand out instead of the modern cartoons of today (especially those with flash) meaning that people will know how dedicated the creator is to the work and like it.

3.Why the special kind of voices for your characters?
As being a one-man band production, I have to change the voices to differentiate ad add more personality to the characters, plus give myself a chance to hear what they really sound like, now The Narrator is the Victor Caroli due to his intimidating voice and wanting to parody him (I discovered that from the Generation 1 Transformers cartoon), Rombes the Tiger is my normal-but-upbeat voice so that the audience can associate with the character for not being a "cool teenager" as well as sounding like a innocent adult version of Felix the Cat, The Banker is based on the dull preformance of Han Solo from the animated segment of the Star Wars cartoon due to the dullness that is comparable to a normal banker as well as creating a example to how not to act, and finally Zoltan is the Gritty-Cold voice due to how matching it is with his design and due to being inspired by Frank Welker's performance on Megatron on Transformers: Prime.

4.I observed in the storyboard that after Rombes got the credit card, he was thinking like a philosopher, it is unnecessary and bring in more about Super-Animals than is needed, so why put it in in the first place?
My Answer is that I know it's stupid too, but it is not designed to convey drama, it is more designed for Rombes to do a innocent stupid thing while Zoltan kills the Banker, if you want the drama of that scene, check the movements, this is why it is called a film.

5.Why do you hate Sonic the Hedgehog?
When I was a child I use to be scared of him on-sight, and thus developing the first stages of that hatred, but as I grew I I got use to his image but still hate him for what he did to me, and one day I discovered that the only reason for his creation was as a result of envy and greed SEGA produced while looking at Nintendo's success with Mario, thus a modern design was created at which SEGA's envy/greed amd what Sonic is has technically leaked across the whole of fiction, thus effecting it greatly with it's modern designed and the need for speed which is heavily damaging to the character who came before and after Sonic.
Also is the Archie Sonic Comic that never shuts down or shuts up with bad story lines and horrific artwork.
Yep, I really hate him.

6.Why wasn't South Park on the list of the mood board?
South Park could have been, but given the content on what is suppose to be on the blog, It is a tiny bit inappropriate and would thus jeopardise my marks or even kick me out of the course, thus South Park is only mention elsewhere on the blog but never shown.

7.Why piano music? and why so many sounds and titles from Pinnacle studio?
The piano was practically the only instrument in the house, there is also a flute but the piano is the only thing I can practically play (practically as in not a real piano player) and the piano still succeeds in bringing in the tone to each scene, so it is a good appropriate value I must say.

And why many sounds and effects from pinnacle? well the reason is because I could not make most of these sounds, so I had no choice but to look in the Pinnacle Studio 15 Ultimate Collection Library for decent sound effects, and also the effects could only be one with Pinnacle due to the complexity of doing the actual effect using the real footage (plus it stands out more, acts more natural and shows what I can do with the title option of pinnacle to make the characters fly and shoot) although the blood and a few instances of Rombes' electricity will still be maintained.

So there are most of the questions answered, I don't know how many more you can ask yourself but I couldn't figure out more things myself as a funny fact.

May the Hype stand down.

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