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Sunday, 20 November 2011

Mood board (get to the inspiration).

I may have mention as to where all my inspiration comes from in the first place, but all of which are not in one specific place and scattered across post to post this post will demonstrate all the specific Television shows/theatrical cartoons that influenced me to making this film (there may be others, but these are the more influential of the lot).

And plus as a change to the usual slideshare and photographs, I will now use the rarely used Youtube videos to represent my choices as of full (due to getting a tiny bit old, and this is not an excuse to put some entertainment to my blog).

1.Megaman (TV series 1994-1995)

Mega Man is one of the influential milestones of this film, as observed and represented in the title it is full of fast-paced action and has got characters that actually use the tactic of standing/shooting and actual fighting, which matches with my own film ideas perfectly and will thus use this TV series as a reference point as to what moves/shooting skills the characters should have.

2.Felix the Cat

Felix the cat, a great model in the art of innocent looks and classical designing, which I give credit to the influence to the character design and the personality of Rombes the Tiger himself, also the very idea and atmosphere of a Felix film is essential of my own film due to the fact that the characters are conveying an action in the wide space of a background, thus making people want to look at them, and the timing and the movements allow the people to be at a high pace or low pace at the right moment (compared to the illogical doings of Sonic the Hedgehog).

3.Transformers (Tv series 1984-1988)

Another influence is the famous 80's cartoon that almost everyone grew with-The Transformers.
As demonstrated in that clip, Transformers is all about Good V.s. Evil, which sets the direction for my own film that it should be a good experience in action and the general theme(only more extremely in terms of Yin and Yang and the fact that the characters are animals), also it is the quality of the characters that the Transformers made me think of, as Optimus Prime (the red Autobot)is a great leader who knows the responsibilities and the right actions to take, while Megatron (the grey Decepticon) is a chaotic person that is willing to destroy and think of a nasty scheme.

4.Judge Dredd

This clip may not be the real Judge Dredd strip, but it does represent the point as to why he is a influence to my operation.
As observed in the film, it is full of action and suspense, and yet at a point where people actually laugh instead of taking it seriously, my strip and film is something like that in which I try to make elements dark, and yet people still chuckle or laugh about it, so I examined the cartoon strip and go side-by-it's side to acknowledge the fact that my film will be like that.

5.Loonatics Unleashed

I feel personally ashamed of showing this due to how modern this cartoon is and how it does not stand up to the Original Looney Tunes shorts, and a good example as to what influence Sonic the Hedgehog brought to the creative world which creates garbage like this, but ironically this is what influenced me in making Rombes a superhero in the first place, and a reference to what the characters wears (arm and leg armour with a belt, added with tail armour) and plus the idea to give the characters superpowers to fight and use, so I can remember the show for giving me that, but in conclusion it is officially the garbage Sonic the Hedgehog came from.

6.Green lantern

Finally one of my favourite superheroes in DC comics (represented by this innocent cartoon in comparison to the others) is the Green Lantern.
The idea of using powers to shatter and fight the opponent in creative ways, and the idea of actual flight come from this character (observed by the Hal Jordan version in this clip)which makes a good advantage for the characters because they need those things to make the audiences amazed, also is the fact that the character is a nostalgia of the innocent past and is a responsible figure at the same time which makes the characters a good association with the audience.

May the Hype stand down.

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