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Sunday, 20 November 2011

Myself Working

Finally here it is, the one thing that the Blog really needs and that is the evidence that I am working on my film, as well as explaining what I am doing.

Now originally what was meant to be there was several videos of myself making the film, but there is no particular location shots for I am actually working in The Studio of my Mother, and the fact that I only have got Pinnacle Studio access to one camera and the fact that I forgotten overall, but as luck would have it my Mother made pictures of me working so I am presenting it as a Slideshare post, and plus I made a video of myself editing to make up for the forgotten videos, so come and read it.

Slide 1:The demonstration of the format of myself working, as observed the character pieces are in a large storage book (or scattered across the table)waiting to be used at the right timing and appropriate measurement,and below that is the storyboards that help me reference as to what action/activity the photo I am working on should have, and with a marking pen as a plus bonus to cross off all the scenes I have already done, next is the layers of photos, waiting to be used in turns, and when I use a photo then I do all the scenes that needs that photo and finish it and do the next one, and finally there is myself working with a photo background which I will add to more detail later.

Slide 2:Myself working, now notice the fact that there is a light at The Studio table, this is a light that goes not shine too much and thus not spoiling the image overall (the photos can shine in the presence of light, so care must be taken while filming), also that is myself working, now what I do is aim the camera to the photo at the correct angle and the correct framing so that parts of the table will not be visible at all (or I will have to zoom into the scene via Pinnacle Studio which could add up to more file space).

Slide 3:Operating the camera, now the camera takes film clips rather than actual photos itself, now what I do is tap on the record button and record for about 2-3 seconds the position the  models (character parts) are in, then stop recording, then shift the character parts at a different position and do the same thing again, but despite an ineffective speed, it is useful for recording scenes that don't need stop motion by moving the model around by hand or string, and that it is lightweight, easy to use, and stores allot more clips than an ordinary photo camera.

Slide 4:Myself going to the storyboards to reference what I am doing, all there is to note there is the fact that the room is spacious and airy to actually do all these things, so I am in a good-condition workplace I must say (which I really thank my mother for).

Slide 1:One that is allot of fun to do is removing all the things on top of the piano (wooden, not modern), then opening the lid and putting the video camera inside, turn on the record button, then I randomly punch keys in order to make a tune (I admit I do not play the piano, but rather punching keys at random to make the tune that I want for the appropriate scene), the end result is crisp and clear, not to mention that it sounds like an echo and is not effected by outside sources.

Slide 2:And there is the camera itself, notably used for recording voices, footage and the music itself, the type is a Sony Super Steady Shot 120x DIGITAL ZOOM which is lightweight and is a beginner's choice for a video camera, but it is a Tape ran system and not Digital ran system so it is a old camera technically (with the disadvantage of making noise within which the microphone picks up, and fully understand the day that tapes for this camera will no longer be made, but at least it has proven itself best with the making of this film, and I will soon will get a new Digital camera.

And that video observed (if willing to) is of the editing of the film to make up for the fact that I didn't make more videos like this, and it's particularly in a video format so that it is easier to explain as to how Pinnacle Studio 15 Ultimate collection works as well as the ease of the program of editing and the demonstration that I am familiar with it.

May the Hype stand down.

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