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Sunday, 20 November 2011

Calender to show good project management or other documents

A good project couldn't be one without the acknowledgement of a schedule to associate with to understand what to do for my film during the week or month, and apart from the blog (which is updated regularly) this is the calender of my filming.

The advantage of this film is being a one-man band (one person working), meaning there is no pressure on location timing in school and to take my time appropriately, and that I am working at home in the weekends to be on a good line to be constantly busy without interruption (with meals every now and then of course).

In between Saturday 8th October to Sunday 9th October, filming of the footage, music and audio will be done in between those two days, with audio, music and the first part of the film done at the 8th while the 9th will complete the rest of the film footage, it may sound painful and mind breaking, but I have got to be on-time before the deadline.

School work is of importance, and so I must temporarily halt the film to do the school work to make the teachers of the school happy in between the 10th October and the14th October.

Then in the next weekend (15th October-16th October), editing will commence, with the transfer of the clips and audio to Pinnacle Studio 15 Ultimate Collection and organising of what clips to use on the 15th October and then begin to modify the clips and add the audio on the 16th October, and work hard and as much as possible until the mind collapses or when enough is enough.

Visiting your family on holidays is of importance, and so I must temporarily halt the film to go on holiday in between the 17th October and 21rst October (it's a bit of a hassle, but I need a break from working anyway, and family is of a more important matter).

Then the next weekend when I come home (22nd October-23rd October) I will continue with the editing and adding of the sound and the completing it on the same day (22nd October) and then it is to add the Pinnacle Studio 15 Ultimate Collection sound effects and title effects on the 23rd October.

Then by the end of this weekend, I would have completed the film by then and shown it to the production manager (likely on the 24th October), and hope for approval, and if something is wrong with the film, then I will modify the matter off on the 29th-30th of October (the next weekend, and not during the school week for there is other work to do).

Hope there is satisfaction that you understand what I am doing and that I know when to do when in order to make this a fast-track production to make it to the deadline (plus at the rate of 6-8 days in total  is 4-6 more days than the production of The Little Shop Of Horrors (1960)).

May the Hype stand down.

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