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Sunday, 20 November 2011

The Movie poster-Initial Sketches

One thing that has been waiting for so long was the actual sketch of my film poster that will lead up to creating one with Photoshop (and at the same time the last time I will work with Photoshop for this media project) which will be a splendor and be an eye-catch for people to observe and go to the movie, and will avoid what mistakes the Cars 2 poster did so that it is fool-proof (just like reading the hateful Archie Sonic comic to make my strip perfect and flawless).

  • Sketched black and white pencil (with black ink for referencing the colours) for a super-fast sketch production and for a quick understanding on what I need for the real poster to produce on Photoshop, and is
  • In a landscape layout to be used on double-pages in magazines and billboards for something large and something to stretch over as a wonder of experience for the film that is about to be watched.
  • My dependence on this poster is the art of using the black border, so that everything else from bright-colours to what is suppose to be seen in the poster will stand out.
  • The letter colours will be in a light-blue so that it matches Rombes' power colour and for people to assume it is of electricity, but the Logo of the film will be in the colours of the Logo seen in the film so that it keeps faith as to what is on-screen), plus if the logo is too large, then there are 2 black border across the letter Rombes to make the letters still stand out (like a backup feature).
  • The Character (Rombes) will be in a flight position with streams of electricity coming out that makes him fly at incredible speeds, thus making the audience catch their eyes with him doing that and wonder what else he could do, and it is all helped by the sky background and the black borders that makes him stand out even further.
  • Any to all blank detail will be removed by line patterns or water colours so that the poster itself will not be kept dull and that if waiting in a bus-stop then people can look at all the details of the posters to keep occupied, but too much detail would result in the film poster being useless to see so caution there.
So the lessons have been learnt, the design is a pass as observed by the facts on the poster, and it's ready to roll into Photoshop production sol that people will be of interest to watch the film.

May the Hype stand down.

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