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Sunday, 20 November 2011

The Movie poster-The Final Result

I like to express the factor that on the day of producing this poster, there was alot of classroom noise that was annoying and distracting, not to mention that there was a time limit to producing this poster, so it has to be dune in a matter of minuites, and I completed it just in time (with the exception of adding the Dark Blue water-colour details, which I added them with Microsoft paint later), so here it is finally, the poster to set eyes on, but there are a notable amount of differences compared to the original sketches...

  • Rather than create a Rombes on photoshop, I used a technically unused clip of the film and added in the lips, the electrical eyes and the electricity jetting out from his feet and hands overall, which keep him mighty and a marvel to look at, and yet keep to the fact that the reat actors/props are there on the poster.
  • I could not do a diamond from the sketch onto the logo due to the fact that Photoshop does not have the feature of creating diamonds like Autoshops from pinnacle, so I had to settle with a rectangle instead, may not be the same shape, but keeps the same colours at the logo of the film as of whole and the Black letters in front of the white background (added with the water-coloured dot in the "b" from Rombes) makes the letters still an eye-catch.
  • The layout of the letters have changed, due to the fact that there was a time limit and general limitation of pinnacle studio, but the general information of the poster is still there (The director presents, Logo, Cast and slogan/release date) and with it's blue letters, black background and patterns surrounding them makes them of good eye-searching quality to search and be persuaded to watch the film.
But despite those modifications, everything else that has been said from the previous sketch post is kept intact, and I hope that you accept the design of the poster and watch the film because of it.
May the Hype stand down.

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