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Sunday, 20 November 2011

Rombes-The Film Itself -The film draft.

Here it is,one of the final pieces of the puzzle to be made a necessary information, The Draft of the film that was first shown to the media boss.

If you remember from the Previous post, then you should know that this is the 6:30 version that was first produced but then reduced to five minutes (which leads in turn to the final draft of the movie), the reason for the general reduction was poor information passing from the media bosses, and I got very angry with that due to the fact that I was dependent and formulating on that time frame which leads the 5:00 version being a bit compressed (with characters talking without opening their mouths, and the factor that things got a bit faster).

Also if you hear of "the master plan" in this film, the factor is that Zoltan is suppose to be a unique clever villain that is not suppose to reveal anything, but the test audience has a poor stubborn reaction due to the fact that Zoltan did not explain it, so I have no choice by to change him to a bit more of a classical  stupid villain as a result (the not revealing of the master plan was intentional for suspense and curiosity at the same time too).

But despite the lower amount of minutes, I think that a few things needed to to changed in the first place, especially when it comes to the music (which is almost lacking in this version), the sound effects (which are repetitive and have no definite rule) the voice acting (which sounds nerdy and not convincing and tough enough) and the timing of the action sequences (which is too longish in my opinion), so it is a good opportunity to refresh the movie into something allot better and more satisfying to what is said in the Blog and amaze the viewers.

May the Hype stand down.

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