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Sunday, 20 November 2011

Rombes-The Film Itself -The final film draft.

Continued from the last blog post, I needed to do some drastic modifications with my film in order to stand out more to people and the audience I need to target (as well as a few improvements needed).

In personal reference the film is compressed into five minutes leading to some instances of speaking without opening the mouth (but it could be worse like putting the front of the mouth at a side view like The Archie Sonic Comics) but I feel that people like it better at 5:00 due to it's shorter time and more tolerance to watch, so even the time has been improved (but better to be informed correctly that it was 5:00 instead of 6:30)

The modifications asked and mentioned from the earlier post became worth it, as the music has got allot more action, colour and variety into it (like not re-using the same Rombes Melody all the time), the sound effects have a direct rule as to what is suppose to be used at this moment and is repetitiveness is less noticeable (which makes Zoltan give out a imitating Laser sound and a lower Laser sound and Rombes an Old Telephone sound and a Electricity sound), the voice acting has been improved and refined to a better and convincing standard which adds better acting and more intention to what the characters are suppose to sound like (like Rombes being innocent and Zoltan being arrogant, and the timing of the action sequences has been sped up which leads to more momentum and more suspense at the same time which is what films like this one sometimes convey (Like the Megaman TV Series).

Also what I gave out was information of the master plan, which may make Zoltan stupid, but displays his arrogance perfectly at the same time (complete with the reason why he spurted it out in the first place).

Well that is allot of mouthful for a short film, but all this makes me improve my skills for the future, and thus say that it is really entirely worth it the whole media project.

May the Hype stand down.

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